From top tier consultancy to disruptive startup

After university, I spent nine years at a top tier consultancy. I climbed the ranks to become Principal: the link between the client, the partners, and the team. In consulting, you’re typically working for large corporates. For me, that often resulted in thinking about defensive strategies. I wanted something else – a different environment, a different mentality. And with a background in engineering, I get excited by the digital space. I have more interest in new, cool, disruptive projects.

Before, I was missing pace and decisiveness, but now I think in days, not weeks. If I want a meeting with four people, we’re sitting together the next day. When there’s a good idea, we test it straight away and analyse the results. This is a whole different mindset. Picnic is like a playground for people with experience. You apply everything you’ve learned, see results immediately, and take full responsibility for projects.

When I moved from consulting, I didn’t expect that the level of intellect would be the same. But there’s no difference – I’m really impressed with the quality of my colleagues. I also appreciate the diversity at Picnic. I work with commercials, analysts, creatives, and developers. I see the power of teamwork and variety, with everyone playing to their own strengths.

Some people asked me if I thought it was a risk to switch jobs. I never saw it this way. Today’s world is all about the digital space and entrepreneurship. Real innovation is happening at Picnic – I’m part of the disruption, the future, and everything that’s possible with digital technology. That’s not a risk, it’s a great opportunity!

– Susan Lagerweij, Team lead Trading team