Visual Designer - Marketing & Branding
Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

For our Customer Team we are looking for a visual designer to innovate and evolve our marketing efforts. We are currently in full throttle taking the visual identity of our online campaigns to the next level. This will impact how we do marketing as well as how we build lasting relationships with our customers, re-shaping the full journey from acquisition to loyal customers. We are looking for a designer that can’t wait to play an impactful role in this brand evolution. A true opportunity to shape the face of online grocery shopping and impact hundreds of thousands of (potential) Picnic customers every day across multiple countries!

Where you fit in

Picnic is a human centered brand. We aim to be the freshest online supermarket with attention for real people. A likable disruptor. But we are only just getting started and envision a continuous evolution of our branding and marketing assets. This is where you come in. 

You will join the Customer Team which is responsible for online acquisition, onboarding of new customers, and campaigns geared towards our most loyal customers. This means you will be working on digital content to support concepts targeting all sorts of (potential) Picnic customers. The context and goal of your work will vary. One week you will be combining animation and video to create content for a big online advertising campaign. The other week you will be making subtle changes to digital assets to be displayed in our app, enhancing the experience of loyal customers. We are looking for a versatile digital designer who is eager to work on a broad variety of topics.

You will work alongside data analysts, business owners and developers, making sure there is always a clear understanding of the “why” behind your creations. We are looking for a designer who is able to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to build holistic solutions, someone who can present design options and explain their decisions with great enthusiasm, while always keeping an open mind. Strong opinions, weakly held! 

Within the Customer Team you will have the opportunity to learn from great designers and work on all visuals that are part of a scale up business. You will join a growing team of designers and your work will make a big contribution to the next chapter of the Picnic brand.

What you do

  • Create creative concepts for new online advertising campaigns
  • Create digital & printed media to streamline the onboarding of new customers 
  • Develop cross-channel campaigns that engage our existing customers
  • Test and validate your designs either through user testing or A/B testing online
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders crafting solid concepts
  • Learn from other designers and incorporate feedback
  • Shape the future of our brand and visual identity

What you need

  • Education in a relevant design field
  • 2-5 years of work experience in this field 
  • Passion for visual design and a solid (online) portfolio
  • Competent with complete Adobe Suite
  • Experience with animation is a plus, but not a must
  • Ability to clearly present design options and explain design decisions
  • Self-starter with a “roll up your sleeves” attitude, equally comfortable to lead and to follow 
  • Attention for detail, ability to notice the small but important things
  • An innate high quality standard and dedication to continuously improve 
  • Eager to learn in a fast-paced environment
  • Fluency in English English skills on point. 
  • Eligible to work in the Netherlands
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