Distribution Traineeship (NL)
Location: Netherlands

Are you a recent graduate with leadership ambitions and do you want to build the future of logistics with us? Then this program might be just for you! In this program you will be trained to become a Hub Manager, open up several new Hubs which you’ll bring to the next level in 3-6 months before transferring the Hub to freshly trained leadership, and work on distribution projects to improve Picnic’s supply chain. After 1 to 2 years you will have learned a huge deal about opening Picnic Hubs and leading teams, which will allow you to take a next leap on your learning journey. At Picnic, there’s a wide range of opportunities to find the best match for you and Picnic. You could for example grow into the role of a Distribution Area Manager who coaches other Hub Managers, or join the Building & Equipment or People team.

The Hub

You may wonder what a Picnic Hub looks like. No worries, we'll explain! Our groceries are order picked at one of our Fulfilment Centers and then shipped to one of our Hubs by truck. We currently have over 40 Hubs in the NL. At the Hub, our Runners take the frames with groceries from the truck and place them in one of our electric Picnic vehicles (ePvs). From there, the Runners drive to our customers and deliver the groceries to their doorsteps. Picnic runs a just-in-time supply chain and a smooth process is essential at each Hub to keep our supply chain running and our deliveries on time. A Hub is about 1.500-2.000 m2 and works with a team of 30 to 200 Runners. Watch this video for a better understanding of what happens at a Hub.

Where you fit in

When you are launching a Hub, you take responsibility for this location from scratch. You make sure the location has the right set-up to get started, select, train and coach the talents for our brand-new team and work towards an autonomous operation within 6 months. You’re a people person and a leader. Each Hub is a community, and you create an engaging work atmosphere to ensure that every person is a valued part of the team. You motivate your team to get them moving, to achieve goals and keep customers happy.

We’re continuously looking for improvements in our processes, so there’s plenty of room for ideas and experiments. You’ll think strategically about how to enhance processes and solve operational challenges. From repairing our electric vehicles to designing hub layouts, your ideas will help to optimize the flow of groceries and facilitate the growth of our company.

You will work from various Hub locations throughout the Netherlands, which will be discussed with you after you start. Interested in working in Germany? Check out our German job ad for this traineeship! 

What you do

  • Play a role in the opening of new Hubs and getting them up to speed quickly
  • Manage, coach, and inspire your team. You keep the Runner pool happy and motivated! 
  • Ensure that operations run smoothly and safely
  • Facilitate the communication between your Hub and the support teams
  • Oversee the maintenance of the local ePV fleet (electric Picnic Vehicles) and building
  • Ensure sufficient capacity to facilitate predicted growth
  • Optimize efficiency in your Hub and reach set targets

What you need

  • Completed Master’s degree
  • You’re a recent graduate with not more than 1 year of full time work experience
  • Fluency in Dutch and English
  • Some experience with leadership roles (e.g. team lead in the service industry or student association board experience)
  • Full time availability (40 hrs per week)
  • Leadership: Independent, communicative, and confident personality
  • Commitment: Goal-oriented, hands-on, and get-things-done attitude
  • Composure: Ability to work under pressure and meet daily deadlines
  • Quick Thinking: You identify issues and come armed with pragmatic solutions
  • Driven: you believe in the business model of Picnic and want to go the extra mile to drive successes and improvements every day
  • A clear interest in Picnic’s logistics and supply chain
  • Flexible with regard to location, you don’t mind some travel time
  • Driver's license

What does Picnic offer you?

At Picnic, you will experience a start-up culture. Everything you do makes a direct impact. You get the freedom to develop yourself and to bring new and fresh ideas into practice. You can grow with the company. Besides that, you get the possibility to participate in an interesting training program with several training sessions, where you will improve your leadership skills! 

Applications for this traineeship are open throughout the entire year. Your start date can be determined on an individual basis. We have two onboarding moments per month.

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About the video:
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- Introduce yourself and tell us why you should be a Distribution trainee
- Explain to us why you are motivated to work in a hub!