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Picnic may be seen as a consumer company, but because we are also data-driven, we get to work with other businesses to help them understand the market and their place in it. The Community Engagement team focuses on building relationships with local customers. We organize events that help us develop our customer base and the Picnic brand.

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Creative and Design

Picnic’s branding is strong and well-defined. Working in the Creative team means we get to develop the brand within an environment that understands how important branding is. We get the opportunity to experiment with different ideas on a daily basis, by coming with different ideas, testing them, and analyzing them to measure their impact.

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Customer Success

The mission of a Customer Success Associate is to work towards a constant 100% customer satisfaction, in collaboration with his/her team . At almost 90 people big, the team is young and diverse and always shares the same goal: Besides helping customers, it also lifts its individual members to higher levels.

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Facilities & Admin

Offices, warehouses, hubs, you name it, we have it. Our facilities are the heart of our operations. Without them, nothing would happen, and that's why their maintenance and care are crucial.

To work in the Facilities & Admin team is to work with caring, dedicated and passionate people. From Chef to Custodian, you have a large impact on the people around you.

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Being an intern at Picnic means being given a level of freedom and responsibility unparalleled to anywhere else. From Day 1, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own project, have full ownership of your work, and have a direct impact on the business. You’ll be an integral part of your team, and will have the chance to learn-by-doing more often than not.

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Operations & Supply Chain

From Fulfillment Center to EPV: we own the entire supply chain. How do you fit in? You have a true roll-up your sleeve attitude, you put your boots on the ground and interact with people from all walks of life. You spot improvements and you proactively start and manage projects to bring the Picnic supply chain to the next level. You do this with teams such as Distribution, Tech, Customer Success.

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People & Finance

The People team works on multiple fronts. We make sure everybody is always happy and growing, we’re deeply involved in the growth of the company by making sure all the teams are always full of talented people, and we get to influence Picnic’s image to the world by being in control of our employer branding.

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Strategy & Analytics

There's no such thing as an analytics team within Picnic! We, the analysts, are members of every single team working within Picnic. Every day we come up with new experiments with which we test our marketing funnels, acquisition, supply chain operations, sales, and other important areas of the business. We are balancing our targets by long-term sustainable growth, and short-term smart and simple gains.

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Technology & Engineering

Software at its core, fuelled by data intelligence, relentless focus on innovation. We love machine learning, wade each day through huge data sets, and are only satisfied when our models are calibrated with minimal and unbiased error. We are self-driven performers who see chaos as a challenge. We are team players with strong communication skills who are eager to work with many stakeholders.

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